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Hello Friends,

They say experience is a hard teacher; she takes a test first and lessons afterwards. As far as my experience with life is concerned it has been a fairly satisfactory journey for me. At the age of 25, I have achieved what any average person would want to. Having completed my Masters of Business Administration from one of the most premier institutes of India, today I work as a Consultant for a company based out of the United States of America. I come from an average middle class family, where happiness is more of a destination and not a journey just as is the case with the most Indians. Focus is on how you can and how you should outdo your neighbour. Yet in all these complexities, there is a certain warmth in the Indian families, something that makes you peacefully retire to bed at night.

However, of late, I realized that things are undergoing a metamorphosis (change would be too light a word) in everything – the way people think and the way people act. Humans, indeed, have become strange creatures. They are ‘gospelled’ not to hurt strangers but end up betraying their own loved ones. Is it that we need to learn how to read the brains of our fellow beings? I certainly believe to the contrary. The need of the hour is to understand your own self – what you need and what you want. (Finance enthusiasts would understand the difference between the needs and wants!). This leads to the bigger problem of HOW. How do we understand ourselves. Every one feels either too highly of himself or too lowly of himself. (Apologies for appearing as a male chauvinist). The former suffering from a superiority complex while the latter chained to the problem of depression.

In the pursuit to understand myself, I stumbled upon a science. It certainly changed me. I thought time is ripe for me to share the treasure with people.

Catch you soon as the journey of graphology begins next week..! 🙂

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Know your Author